LeMahogany Art


LeMahogany is an art brand that represents diverse illustrations that weren't seen within mainstream illustration world.  Decided to create my own space for it. 



My name's Robin and I'm the creator of LeMahogany.com

LeMahogany launched in 2010 as an art brand that represents diverse illustrations that weren’t seen within the mainstream illustration world.    This site lemahogany.com was created to inspire budding creative entrepreneurs, share fun creative ideas and share my art journey as a small creative business owner.  My passion for illustration and collage art has expanded over the years as a self- taught illustrator and business owner.  I like to say I'm a west indies girl from the mid western land who loves to create with brushes and paint.   I am still learning and I love to share what I’ve discover upon my art journey with you. Illustrated people are my specialty but I’ve dabbled in other types of illustrated works. As the creator of LeMahogany my mission is to open a space for multiculturalism to be celebrated within an art form of quirkiness and enjoyment.


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