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The Unconvential Guide to creating a Creative Space

First: Be Committed

Don't go half,  go fully  in the decision of getting your creative space together. Also, literally ask yourself what do you want from your creative space: 

  • Do you want your space to be a sacred place to serve you when you doing  your creative work?  
  • Do you want it produce the best products in a timely fashion?
  • Do you want it to be the creative headquarters for your creative research and ideas?
  • Do you want to to spark some sense of Joy throughout the day?

It's okay if its all of the above because it can be. And you can make that happen.

Second: Organize 

Being a creative can be messy.  Truly sometimes out of control.  If you are not sure where to being with the pile or piles of important creative stuff:

Divide and Conquer!

Author Marie Kondo talks about this in her book:  The life-changing magic of tidying up.  the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing  (which I HIGHLY recommend every creative person getting) 

Group all of your papers, inspirations, books, paints, fabrics, all like minded things and go through each items first: Expressing gratitude to the item then asking yourself if it Sparks Joy in your life.  If it you, keep it. If doesn't. either pitch it or give away.   Marie goes further in depth in how to create in categories as well which again, I highly recommend reading or listening to.  

The emphasis to keep the things that make you feel Great!


Third: Finding your "Why" Motivation?

For some of us who have a daytime job, I get it.  When you get home sometimes all you want to do is sit down, eat dinner, watch TV or perhaps you have a family and have designated time at night to aid them with whatever's needed  

By the end of the night you may feel a bit of guiltknowing that you wanted to take time for yourself to finish whatever creative work you've had.   You just didn't the time. 

Well, friend.  Get ready for the hard truth coming at you. 

The problem: Your "Why" missing.

There are creative entrepreneurs who are mothers and fathers able to take of their children along with having time for themselves to not only work on their businesses but also take care of themselves.   Single folks,  who had or have multiple jobs are able still find time to be build an outside creative business that they love. 

Because of their 'Why'  meaning the reason for creating or exercising their talent they managed to find the time.  


Fourth: Inspiration needs to be in your FACE

Seriously. You need this.  #3 and  #4 are somewhat twins but different.   Your 'why' is your motivation, Your inspiration is going to give you the vision you need to keep going.  Mood Boards, Vision Boards or quotes are great.


Fifth: Gratitude

When's the last time you thanked your computer, software programs, camera, sewing machine, table, smartphone, needles, or what ever your weapons of choice are for creating?  

For some of you they service you everyday, right? 

Maybe I should say this....When's the last time you've had gratitude for what you have instead of what you don't.   Had gratitude for your family and friends or that you have ears to hear or eyes to see?  Or hands to create?

Because in all honesty I feel the reason why some of us get a bit messy because we forget.  And there's plenty of distractions to make us forget what we need to be thankful for so we neglect and get lazy.  

Human traits and there's nothing wrong with that but when your love of creating suffers due to lack up keep up changes in your life must be made in order to Spark that wonderful Joy you get in creating.