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DIY Rookie: How to Create a Money Tree

I've made an e-shopping list in which you can purchase all of your products needed through Amazon.com


Download your Supply List here.

Ready to make your Money Tree. This makes a great gift for Christmas, high school or college graduations or birthdays.  

1. Take your Green Foam Block and chop it up into pieces to fit into your 6" Clay pot or plastic pot

2. Make sure the Green Foam Block pieces fit all along the bottom to the top of the pot. 

 Flip the pot upside down to make it is secure.  Nothing should fall out.

3. Take the wooden dowel and puncture a hole in the middle of one of the Green Foam blocks.

(Make sure its deep enough to hold the dowel without leaning)

4. Take out the wooden dowel an pour Elmer's All Purpose Glue inside the hole for better security.

Now it's time for the Pot Topper (Fake Moss)

5. Place Pot Topper around the secured wooden dowel to cover your green foam blocks.

 I used a little bit of Elmer's All purpose glue on the bottom of the pot topper (fake moss) to secure it in place.

Placing the Styrofoam Ball on top's a bit tricky

6.  I recommend buying more than one wooden Dowel. Most come in packs of 3.

Use the extra wooden dowel to puncture just enough to place the Styrofoam ball  on top of the  planted wooden dowel. 

7. Place Pot Topper (fake moss) around the Styrofoam ball for a mix of greenery.  

Elmer's All Purpose Glue worked just fine, for extra security I used a little bit of my glue gun but it's really not needed.  
PLEASE NOTE *I did not place the Pot Topper (moss) all over the Styrofoam ball because the next step is where the real fun begins!!!
Dollar Bills, Leaves and Florist Greening pins

8.  Fold your crisp currency like a fan.

Fan yourself with your money

9. Take the end of the fanned money and wrap the end of the dollar around the florist greenery pins and push the ends of the Florist pin into the Styrofoam ball. 

10.  To add more greenery to your Money Tree, take your florist greenery pin and wrap around your leaves around the push pin and PUSH inside the Styrofoam ball OR...push in your leaves stems into the Styrofoam ball. 

I did both

and TA-DA!