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7 Ways to Stay Creative that will help you live a better *Creative Life

1. Be Open. Learn Something New.

No matter what kind of creative you are: A writer, an artist, music artist, you have to keep an open mind of learning something new. 

One of my favorite websites to learn from:  Skillshare.  

This is a platform that you can actual learn from professionals in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Design, Sewing, Photography, film, writing and more.   

Enrolling on-line courses is really easy and the cost per month in learning from professionals across all industries of creativity is worth it. In  my opinion Skillshare one of the best ways to learn something in new in creative skills. Get 3 months of Premium for $0.99: 

2. Collaborate with other creatives

 Collaboration can not only increase your creative juices but also introduce you to another kind of audience and increase your followers on both sides.  It's a win-win!

3. Maintain your Creative Space (Keep it Clean)

I can not stress enough the importance of keeping your creative space clean.  In one of my blog posts: 5 tips for organizing and maintaining your creative space: I wrote about how keeping your space clean can not only increase productivity and focus but it's good for your life.  #LifeGoals

4. Move your Body

I used to hate exercise.  The Gym, blah.  I used to go after my 9-5.  Having to change clothes in the locker room, trying to find a treadmill,  sweat, go home, food then I would be so tired I would just end up going to bed.   No creativity or I would save it for the weekend.   I had stopped going.  And my body paid for it along with my brain power.  

Studies show that anything that's good for the heart is good for brain.  I found my Miracle hour to work out and create which has overall improved building of LeMahogany Art.


5. Increase your curiousity #F*ckfear

Your fear can ruin your life if you allow it too.  Fear comes when you push curiousity aside.   If your not pushing yourself to something new or challenging your allowing fear to take over your life.  So increase your curiousity it's your friend and enhance you as a creative. 

6.  Go Somewhere New

Take a nice weekend getaway even if its in town, get back into nature and visit a park.  Maybe there's some museums you haven't been to.  Go to a concert, try a new restaurant. You never know who you'd meet or where inspiration maybe lurking.

7.  Write it out

I am a proud list girl and a huge fan of Mind mapping projects and ideas.  I used to get an overhaul of ideas and keep them in my mind to never resurface in my mind until a trigger happens.   Serious;y I was doing the worst thing you can do and it was a sure way to anxiety land.   

Write out your ideas.  No rules, no edits, just write and you'll be surprised at what ideas may come out.