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Book Review-Why Big Magic will Flip Your Creative Mind Upside Down.

How many of us (creatives) get into the rut of having to find our perfection.  A fear of not being as great as our last works so we don't put out anything because we're trying to perfect our project.  We forget about getting it done so we just go around and around in circle practically driving ourselves insane.  Elizabeth goes on to say that Harper Lee author of How to Kill a Mockingbird took almost 55 years to put out another novel. Harper's been quoted to say her fear was to put something out that's not as a good as her last book.  So, she didn't. for A LONG ASS TIME!  Who knows what other master pieces could have came out if Harper Lee wasn't so focused on her good vs her done. 

The one thing I love about this author is her honesty.  I am a huge fan of her Eat, Pray, Love as I read it while I was on vacation in Cancun, Mexico.  While going through customs I remember a guard asked if it was a good book.  I told her yes it was.  This was at the height of the book which illustrates how long its been since I've been on vacation.

Besides the point, Big Magic is what every creator needs in their library.  She makes some great points in the book.  Example her "Done is better than good"

I thought to myself...I do that.  I do that very thing Elizabeth's talking about.  The fear of feeling like this is crap so I scrape it or neglecting the awesome idea only to see someone else do that very thing I thought off doing years later. 

This is an excellent book. Elizabeth debunks many theories that we creatives struggle with and I feel it's a recommended read or listen.  

Rating 5 out 5 Stars!