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DIY: How Painting Wood Letters isn't as bad you think.

Supply Items from Target:

Shopping at Target is one of my favorite past times.  I come in for one thing and leave with 60.  This is what happens in this store. So upon my journey through picking up things that I needed(and didn't need) I ran across Hand Made Modern Target's craft aisle.   

I thought the  Hand Made Modern craft line was super cute and would be a fun weekend project to try.  From Wood lettering to ceramic elephants statues I went a bit wild...just a little.   They  have great quality Satin acrylic paint and drys really quickly against the wood.  Dampen your brushes before applying the paint for a better layering effect.

I used 2 coats on my" R " wood letter.   It went on very smoothly and I was surprised how quick.y it dried on until I applied second coat.

Craft tape was applied after it was fully dry.  It makes for a cool effect. 

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