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DIY: The Unconventional Guide to Planting Succulents


Planting Succulents is so much fun and easy.  If you wanting to summer up your home this a perfect way to do it.

I went to a garden nursery for variety of succulents and I honestly wanted them all.  I bought the clay pots (with holes at the bottom) at a dollar store.  Believe or not they were only 3 for $1!  It was great deal.

When planting succulents it's important to use pots with holes at the bottom for drainage.  You can over water your succulents in which you don't want to do.  Succulents don't need much water to survive.  So choose pots perferable clay pots to plant your succulents.

The dirt surrounding the succulents is important to keep the succulent protected when transferring it to your pots.  Keep it intact when moving it over.

Drainage rocks came with one of the succulents which was great!  Succulents hold water and pretty much keep themselves hydrated.  They love the dry climates.  A small water can or a spray bottle is great for watering.  Give it some sun if it calls for it.

And Enjoy!